Compass Narratives offers a wide array of programs, either remotely or in person. Occasionally open to the public (in which case they are mentioned here), typically they are adjusted to meet the specific needs and contexts of the client’s organization.


A variety of workshops are available, intended for smaller groups with a dedicated mission or focus. Depending upon requirements, these are normally scheduled for a small number of weekly sessions, usually four or less. Popular topics include:

  • The fundamentals of narrative communication
  • Leadership excellence through narrative communication
  • Collaborative strategies
  • Exploiting the narrative arc in communications
  • Inspiring team cohesion and creativity

When conducted in person, these workshops can be delivered over a two-day period.


We conduct two basic forms of consulting: appraisal and strategic growth. An evaluation engagement is best when the organization has goals it wants to achieve but has not been as successful as desired. Goals that are particularly well suited to our expertise include:

  • Client communication
  • Team cohesion and resilience
  • Internal communications

Strategic growth engagements are preceded by an appraisal, and are tailored to the revised goals that have emerged from the appraisal process. We work with clients to integrate the power of narrative communication into a plan with measurable objectives and concrete action items, and regularly monitor progress to identify new opportunities or the need for adjustments.