In a highly participatory process, fundamental concepts are illustrated with presentations and participatory exercises. Techniques for empathic listening, defusing conflict, and discovery across differences through transformative story are taught and practiced.

We use innovative techniques derived from our expertise in transformational storytelling and compassionate communication across differences to empower individuals, small groups, and communities to identify and heal their fractures.

Specific strategies for participants’ communities are explored and crafted. Every workshop is tailored to the needs of your particular community. Common thematic elements include:

  • The Power of Story
  • How Expectations Challenge Us
  • The Other’s Story
  • Compassionate Communication Across Differences
  • Integrating Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access Practices
  • Surfacing Expectations: Redesigning Community Practices
  • Collaborating to See the Future
  • Walking the Walk: Living in Alignment with Our Values
  • Commitment and Action

Next Steps…

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